What is HRT?
. As women approach and experience menopause, naturally occurring hormones such as estrogen and progesterone can
decrease and cause problematic symptoms.

. As males age, naturally occurring testosterone and decrease and cause problematic symptoms.  


.HPT looks to replace these hormones in safe and effective ways to decrease the occurrence of these symptoms.

Benefits of HRT
. HRT is lOO% based on YOU.

Every part of your treatment plan, from the medication, dosages, and treatment length is individualized and based on your symptoms, labs, and lifestyle.

. By working with our pharmacy and your doctor, we are able to work collaboratively to ensure your symptoms are being treated effectively and safely.

HRT for Women
The decrease in estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone can occur at any age, and. improve your quality of life and health. Symptoms of hormone imbalance often include changes in mood and memory,
weight gain, hot flashes, and decreased libido. HRT is safe and effective for restoring balance to your mind, body, and mood. We have extensive experience in:

  • Testosterone Therapy.

  • Estrogen Therapy.

  • Progesterone Therapy 

  • Medical Weight Loss

Sexual Health
Sexual dysfunction is common among many people, with more than 40% of women and 3O% of men reporting some level of concern about their sexual performance. If you're experiencing sexual problems such as loss of desire, inability to get aroused or orgasm, vaginal dryness, or painful erections or intercourse.

We can help. Our team of specialists has access to therapies to help enhance passion and pleasure.

Common symptoms related to hormone imbalance

  • Hot flashes.

  • Night sweats.

  • Vaginal dryness.

  • incontinence.

  • Bleeding changes.

  • Insomnia.

  • Anxiety.

  • Mood swings.

  • Cramps.

  • Breast tenderness.

  • Decreased libido.

  • Hair Loss


"Thank you, Premier Specialty Pharmacy, for helping me get my life back. I'm finally able to sleep again, have energy, and I don't sweat during meetings."  - Anne, Atlanta